Skateboarder Magazine’s Exclusive Jimbo Phillips Interview

Jeremy Scott vs. Skateboarding: Jimbo Phillips Speaks Up
Interview & Intro: Seb Carayol

Plagiarism is a hell of a drug and fashion is no exception. When supposedly-creative/edgy designer Jeremy Scott showcased his new collection at the latest NY Fashion Week, a couple of jaws dropped. Not in a good way. As the catwalk filled with one model after the other wearing approximate renditions of blatantly ripped-off Jim and Jimbo’s Phillips graphics, the skateboarding world got a little upset but not as upset as Jimbo Phillips himself. Speaking up for the first time since the incident, here’s his official stance on the whole ordeal. A tribute, perhaps? Talk to the (screaming) hand, the Phillips camp ain’t having it!
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(image grabbed from the Slap message boards thread about this topic)

When did you find out about this whole thing?
A couple of day’s after NY fashion week! Through a Facebook friend who posted it on my site.

What was your reaction when you saw that?
First surprised, then shocked!

Some of the ripped-off graphics weren’t super-known, like this surf one. How did Jeremy Scott have access to these?
Most seemed to have come directly from one of my dad’s books: Surf Skate and Rock of Jim Phillips.

Is that the first time that your or your dad’s graphics got ripped off?
No, actually. The most recent example I know of is The Santa Cruz Red Dot got ripped off by a tanning co. from another state.

Has Jeremy Scott contacted you before, or after his collection come out?
I never heard of him before this, and still haven’t heard from him.

Do you think it’s some kind of hommage or tribute? What would you have to say if he stood on this kind of defense line?
A hommage or tribute would have come with acknowledgement and respect.

Playing the devil’s advocate, but how is it different than when Andy Warhol rips the Campbell Soup logo?
The Campbells soup can is a common household item from a big corporation, the skate and surf graphics are a type of art style that people relate to on a personal level.

What’s the difference between this, and when skateboarding was ripping off all sort of logos in the early ’90s, you’d say?
Big corporate Logos are one thing, this is my art style and way more personal. This is how I make my living.

Are you going to get in touch with him to settle this? What would you tell him if you did?
I have people that are taking care of it.

Are you surprised at how upset people got?
I was surprised, but I am amazed how people have rallied together to support our art. I can’t condone all the comments, however I appreciate the passion.

Jeremy Scott (aka Mugatu from Zoolander)