Skateboarder Magazine’s New Balance Numeric Sneak Peak Photos

Photos: Jaime Owens
Skateboarder Magazine got invited along with some other media heads to Dodger Stadium to check out the much anticipated line of New Balance Numeric skate shoes that will be produced through Black Box Distribution. Only one team member was announced (below), while the rest will be announced in the coming months. So voice your opinions about the shoes below in the comments. We know you’re dying to.

Not your typical place to show off skate shoes.

PJ Ladd and Jamie Thomas. PJ is offically the first pro skater signed to New Balance Numeric. (OLD NEWS!)

We saw Dodger’s legendary coach Tommy Lasorda outside the door and ran up and got pictures with him. Bones Bearing’s Vern Laird scored this one (eventhough he’s a hardcore Phillies fan.)

Logan 637

Stratford 479

Brighton 344

Quincy 254


You know you can’t hate on this. Frank Sinatra’s Dodger seat.