Skateboarder Magazine’s Tampa Pro 2012 Photos Part Two: Torey Wins!

Here’s some photos from Sunday’s finals at the Tampa Pro 2012. It was an awesome event and the SPot guys know how to put on a contest and they have the full results and placings. Thanks for everything guys! Check back tomorrow for a full video recap that’s going to be better than all the other shit edits you see out there.
Photos: Jaime Owens

That’s right. Kenny Anderson getting his hair cut at the event.

Ryan get an Independent tattoo from Lance Conklin. Down for life.

More Ishod? Hell yes, that’s right. He was our personal MVP for the weekend. Nosegrind through the corner.

David Gonzales is always awesome to watch fly around the course.

Shecks is an all terrain ripper and killed it through out the weekend.

Kyle Berard is a beast and fucked up the course with speed and power every run.

Mike V shut down the best trick with this frontside nosepick with a disaster bash back into the transition. He broke three boards trying it. One of them was Koston’s.

Vincent and McCrank. Who doesn’t love these guys? McCrank got a “Just for Being Here” award.

Lil’ Wayne was at the contest the whole weekend and the crowd loved it.

T-Puds was the big winner and deserved it. Congrats Torey! And be on the lookout, Torey is working on a killer Skateboarder Magazine interview to come out later this year.