Skateboarder’s 2011 Sunset Rampage 2 Photo Recap Part 1

Photos: Jaime Owens

The day started off with a little warm up session at Arto’s house.

Arto, backside 5-0

Dylan was whipping around.

Ben Nordberg was styling out back Smiths all day.

Moblow, Smith grind

Andrew Langi, lien to tail

Papa Arto enjoying the session with his little girl before heading over to the Standard hotel.

Brent Kronmueller and his team killed it with a custom ramp for this year’s event. Thanks Brent!

Tony Manfre and Eli Reed just happened to be staying at the hotel for a WESC team shoot and found out about the event. It was a welcomed surprise.

Curren Caples was flying around.

Ben Nordberg, blunt fakie

Spanky, lay back grind

Autobahn’s (& H-Street alum) Jason Rogers, backside air

David Loy, frontside ollie

Eddie “Mighty” Moreno was unstoppable all night. One foot fakie

Curren and Louie enjoying the free grub. Photo: Phil Blair

Kenny Anderson and Huf. Photo Phil Blair

Unsuspecting hotel guest got a free demo.

Tyler Mumma is a mini-ramp slayer. After slamming earlier in the day with a face check to the wall and busting his chin wide open, he got back in there and continued ripping the ramp apart.

Chad Bartie, fakie ollie

The session quickly turned into a Texas Death Match eventhough the guys had about four hours to skate the ramp. Photo: Phil Blair

Geoff Rowley and Arto Saari. Photo: Phil Blair

Geoff and Arto helped MC the event with our buddy Chris Casey. Photo: Phil Blair

Alfonso Rawls, lien to tail

Dustin Dollin, frontside flip

Hsu and Spanky. Photo: Phil Blair

Ako Jefferson and Guy Mariano. Photo: Phil Blair

David Loy’s all grown up now and taller than you. Backside lipslide off the extension to lipslide.

Andrew Langi laying down a Madonna.

Nuge and his lady. Photo Phil Blair

Johan Stuckey, Brad Cromer and Ely Phillips

Shawn Hale, switch bluntslide

One of my favs, Salvador Lucas Barbier lipslides through the beach ball hazards.

There wasn’t an “official” contest but we handed out around $5000 in hundred dollar bills to all the rippers of the night and we split up the last $1500 between these four guys. Eddie “Mighty” Moreno, Shawn Hale, Andrew Langi, Ben Nordberg. Photo: Phil Blair

Check back for part 2 of the photo post and full video recap this week.