Skully Returns

It was that time of year again, when a skater’s mind turned to thoughts of flat bars, fun boxes, cash money and the prestige that comes with winning the Tampa Pro. It’s is safe to say that one thing they weren’t striving to win was the Skateboarder Magazines award for Best Slam. Skully is the name given to the buggely eyed mascot/trophy that represents the enormous accomplishment of taking the hardest, meanest, most bone-splitting slam of the entire weekend. Jereme Rogers, Dave Gravette and Sandro Dias all have earned this award in years past, but no one knew who would take it in 2006?

Like so many years before, Skully sat perched in the corner of the Skate Park of Tampa, quietly lying in wait for the slam that would earn him a new home. Skully waited patiently through multiple collisions, shinners, hippers, nutters, swellbows, crankles, and even a few credit checks, but none of these incidents were enough to make Skully leap from his seat.

This years Skully wanted something a little more intense, a little more life threatening but above all it was gonna’ have to hurt like hell to get Skully’s attention. So after talking up a few local girls and losing miserably in the moat race, Skully grabbed a hot dog and front row seat for the finals.

Skully had resigned himself to heading off to Fullerton to live with Chris Cudlip after he got a pretty bad splinter from one of the railing, when just then, he heard a sound reminiscent of an aluminum bat hitting a watermelon “BONK”! He quickly looked up to see Ryan Sheckler lying motionless at the foot of the round rail. Skully’s eyes began to bulge and his brow began to sweat. He knew that if Sheckler was out cold that he would be a shoe-in for best slam winner. It seemed that Ryan had gotten his feet tangled up on the rail and zinged out backwards cracking his skull off the ground in the process. As everyone had feared Ryan Sheckler had received a concussion, which meant Skully was off to live the high life With Ryan in California.