Osiris Demo

On Saturday, Sun Diego, held an Osiris/Mada poster signing and demo at their El Cajon store. The event was a huge success with about 250 spectators coming out to check out Osiris riders’ Clint Peterson, James Brockman, Marius Syvanen, Shuriken Shannon, Garrett Hill , and all our local flow riders.

Kevin from Overload Skateboard shop may have gone a little overboard, but the Clint machine tore up the Coke machine while no one else even touched it. Within a few tries, Clint 50-50’d, 5-0’d, front boarded, nose grinded, and smith grinded the machine. Needless to say Clint kept the crowd pleased.

While Clint was holding it down on the Coke machine, Marius and James skated the most interesting and hardest to skate obstacle at the demo, the slide. Both of the them got some applauses with tricks like Marius’ boned out ollie, and James’ grind.

After the demo everyone headed into Sun Diego for a poster signing. Everyone that came to the signing got the rider’s signatures, and a few lucky kids got a board and crazy look from Clint. Osiris would like to thank Paul from Sun Diego for holding the event, Jeff from King Rails for supplying the course, and everyone else that helped make this event happen. What a great way to start the summer.