Staff Pick: Chity DVD

I’ve known Tucker Phillips for a few years now, and the dude is awesome. Talented artist, great filmer, editor, skateboarder and fun dude to hang with. He may be the type of dude you’d hit Big Girl night with on a random Friday night in Long Beach, but that’s besides the point.

Tucker made a few edits for us as an intern a couple summers back and I knew his work was solid, so when he said he’d be sending me his video he and his Chicago Chity buddies were making, I knew I wanted to check it out.

Chity is a group of homies out of Chicago who do skate, drink beer and party together. They also have a blog. I was expecting a pretty low-budget, “homie” style edit, but what I got was a well constructed skate film. The titles, music and filming are on point and have a kind of Josh Stewart vibe. Most of the skating seems to be within the city of Chicago with a few road trips thrown into the mix. The crew is tight and the talent level is high. Tucker and Adam Mills did a great job with quality control and bringing together good footage to turn it into a great independent skate film. Check out the trailer and pick up a copy for yourself HERE.