Staff Pick: Etnies Bledsoe Low

Staff pick by: Christian Senrud

To start the New Year I’ve been skating a pair of the Bledsoe Lows that Etnies was kind enough to send over. With the exception of a “Unique lace locking system with hidden toggle,” what you see is what you get with this shoe: simple, solid design in a shoe that’s great to skate right out of the box. The lace locking system amounts to a smaller, single lace that can be used to help keep your main laces tied, or just be tucked away altogether. I’ve been doing the latter and it hasn’t hindered anything.

What I like most about this shoe is how there was no period where I had to get used to them. They came in the mail, I laced them up and we went skating at lunch and it felt like they’d already been broken in.

They feel great on my feet, have good flick for flip tricks, the right amount of grip on the soles, and won’t ruin your feet if you land primo or hit a big drop. Overall I’ve found them to be a great shoe worth trying out.