Staff Pick of the Week: Stereo Vinyl Cruisers

Cruiser boards are kind of a funny phenomenon in skateboarding. Most of what we do on regular skateboards adds up to “cruising,” so the idea of an extra board devoted solely to a comfortable ride to and from the corner store, your homie’s house, or wherever, can come off as strange, especially since most of us don’t really have the extra income to throw together a second set-up. But then of course you try something and it turns out it’s really fucking fun. Zip Zingers, old-school shapes, they’ve all made a strong comeback, so it’s no surprise that a company like Stereo saw an opportunity and tie in to their brand with these new Vinyl Cruisers.

These are smaller and sleeker than most other cruisers and come fully assembled, complete with matching sunglasses and a sticker pack. These are fun to dork around on and have an odd magnetism that you don’t get with a normal skateboard or griptaped variant like a zip zinger or filmer board. People see these Vinyl Cruisers and immediately want to jump on and waggle around on it. It just looks fun and it draws a lot of people in. A few of us in the office have them and a lot of our kids, girlfriends or random house visitors have really enjoyed them. Hard to go wrong with fun. Check back Monday for your chance at winning one for yourself.
-Christian Senrud