Staff Product Review: Emerica HSU 2 Fusion

Hsu 2 Fusion, say that five times fast.

Emerica and the Asian Elvis teamed up to bring you another Jerry Hsu pro-model shoe. It’s called the Hsu 2 Fusion and like Jerry’s previous shoe, this one is also a fairly basic mid-top, though he went a bit wider in the sole and toe this time around. Jerry explains in his video introduction that he wanted another straightforward mid-top shoe without a lot of bells and whistles, and that’s exactly what he got. The end result basically looks like a simpler version of a combination of Jerry’s first shoe on Emerica and the Chino model from when he rode for Osiris.

The HSU 2 is about as basic as they come in terms of silhouette and overall appearance. There’s some added stitching in the flick areas to resist wear from your flips and dips and he went a bit thicker with the tongue, but beyond that, what you see is what you get with one exception, which is the STI Fusion Technology. Emerica and its sister companies Etnies and éS, came up with a new method of vulcanization, which in short streamlines the vulcanization process and eliminates some unnecessary steps and pieces, which in turn drops the shoe’s overall weight and strengthens the sole. You get a comfortable, lightweight shoe with little to no chance of getting the flappy alligator heel from a shitty glue job. The Fusion Technology also helps with some added cushion, if you’re going to be jumping down some Hsu-sized drops.

I’ve been skating these for about three weeks now and so far I’m a fan. They’re holding up and for whatever reason, my heelflips and math skills have gotten better, though I can’t reverse in my car for shit anymore. What can you do? Seriously though, they’re good for heelflips and grip well and feel comfortable on my feet, which is all I’m really looking for in shoes, so I’d give them a thumbs up and recommend them.

Overall: If you’re looking for a simple mid-top that’s a bit thicker than some of the other mid-tops out there, this is a good one. Jerry skates some big gaps, so the Fusion technology will probably take some strain off your heels when you’re bailing on the big boy gaps and rails.

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Memphis Hudgins: They are awesome. Durable 1 piece toe cap. I like the way the top fits my ankle and it’s just a rad shoe.

Samuel Luke Manzanarez: Durable, grippy, flexible, and protects your feet without sacrificing board feel.