Haunts | Steve Nesser

Familia Skateboard Shop
1. This is the skateshop me and a few homies started in ’04. It’s been an awesome adventure and it gives me something to do when I’m home and a place to make things happen for the Twin City skate scene. Skateboarding is a family. Come through and check us out if you’re ever in Minnesota.

The Crib
2. I bought my house almost two years ago and have been collecting articles from all of my travels and putting them on or in the house. Check out the fence: it’s shopping carts I stole from a store near my house. The neighbors are bummed but, whatever, they bring their friends by to check it.

Ubah Coffee
3. This is a small spot that has a rad atmosphere and really good empanadas. The coffee is pretty good, and it’s for sure the only place I have ever been served fried chicken with spaghetti.

Pump ‘N’ Munch
4. Hell yeah! I think the Midwest is the only place that has these. Who the hell agreed to the name? You can get a gyro, fries, and a drink for $4.50, and whatever else you need at a fair price. When your friends ask you where you got it, you can say, “Pump ‘N’ Munch.”

The Lake
5. I grew up fishing, swimming, and living by the lake, and since Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, it’s in my blood. Every time I’m home I spend time on or by a lake. There’s something about living by water that feels good.