Street League Kansas City Results and Recap

Words: Christian Senrud
Photos: Aaron Smith
With a first place score already in the bag, Nyjah Huston took his allowed attempt at the Sprint Center in Downtown Kansas City tonight and kickflip backside nosebluntslid down the handrail as just another reminder why he is so consistently taking the top spot at the podium. At 17, Nyjah has now won over 1.1 million dollars at Street League alone, making him skateboarding’s youngest self-made millionaire.

The competition was stiff. Chaz Ortiz was all but flawless in his technical assault on the course during his lines and had a strong lead going into the final, single trick portion of the contest on the “big section” of the course. Bastien Salabanzi, too, made it all the way from France and double flipped his way into the finals and secured a final place in second.

Ishod Wair came up big in the best trick competition winning himself ten grand with alley-oop 180 switch crooks to regular on the big bump to bar in the center of the course as well as a kickflip crook down the rail and an onslaught of other tricks. I’m not exactly sure which won him Best Trick, but it was great to see him smiling with a big-ass check.

1. Nyjah Huston
2. Bastien Salabanzi
3. Chaz Ortiz
4. Paul Rodriguez
5. Chris Cole
6. Ryan Sheckler
7. Sean Malto
8. Mikey Taylor