The Tuesday 25 with Adrian Mallory

Photo: Eric Palozzolo

1. Go-to-trick:
Front smith grinds, tranny or rails. Feels good and safe.

2. Warm up spot:
Potrero Del Sol Skatepark or The Phillip Burton Federal Building.

3. Thing about skating with Sam Hitz:
He has powerful grinds and a glass skateboard.

4. Favorite Cover:
Navs October 2003 Thrasher.

5. Worst/Best question at a demo:
Can I have your board? / Wanna go burn one?

6. Favorite Neal Blender trick:

7. Trick Navs can do that you wish you could do:
All of them. The El Drecteo looks nice.

8. Best thing about riding for Creature Skateboards:
All my friends ride for them and they make the stupidest things.

9. Favorite skateboarder growing up:
Hesh Crew.

10.Things about OB:
When the bars close Roberto’s can get crazy.

11. Website (non-skate one):
National Geographic.

12. iPhone app:
Insta @worshipskatan or TimeLapes.

13. Current projects:
Phone video and skating.

14. Things to do when not skating:
Photo adventures and thrifting.

15. Worst skate trend:
Modeling, quiet on the set.

16. Partner in crime:
Lady friend Laura and EP on da streets.

17. Beverage:
Dirty Shirley.

18. Way to spend your money:
Pinball bars.

19. Best camping:
Under the stars far far away.

20. Quote:
“You don’t have to be first. But make sure you’re not last” – A local Gynecologist

21. Band of all time:
Stuck on an island with one band, Black Sabbath.

22. Skatepark:

23. Movie:
The Iced Age.

24. Current location:
Tommy’s Joint, San Francisco.

25. Last meal:
Chicken black bean casserole. Time for leftovers.

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