The Tuesday 25 with Adrian Williams

Switch Crailslide
Photo: Tadashi

1. Warm up trick:
Back 180 lil skurt to fakie.

2. Morning must:
Thank God!

3. Side hustle:
Janitor, skate instructor, kid sitter, staging houses… About 30 hours of this each week.

4. Transportation:
Moped for the nice days with no hurries. Honda Accord for the rest.

5. Current fashion statement:
Dye my shit after I rock it for a few. It’s like a new piece. Even when it doesn’t come out like you thought, somehow its better.

6. Place to travel to:

7. Hometown heros:
My bro, Micah Hollinger, Andrew Brink, Jerry Smyth, Ben Arrietta, etc. I looked up to lots of homies.

8. Favorite trick:
Wall rides are the ill!

9. Competition:
Just a race against me… Challenger and champ.

10. Band:
Bands will make her dance.

11. Book:
The Greatest Salesman in the World.

12. Thing to do when you’re not skating:
Chill with my daughter, work.

13. Person to travel with:

14. Trips to the dentist:
Too many! Smashed my fronts skating and got some work in progress: Braces, implants.

15. Movie:
Jackie Brown.

16. Thing to YouTube:
It’s tight.

17. Quote:
“Get some or get none!” -L. Train

18. Skate shoe:
Vulcanized with some cushion though! I could use some help in the shoe department by the way…

19. Non-skate website:

20. Thing to waste your money on:
Getting more money for now.

21. Fave Celebrity:
Denzel, Samuel L. Jackson.

22. Future:
Bright! Workin on this mall grab! Picture me holdin! Ahh

23. Skate video of all-time:
Business as Usual! Haha

24. Restaurant:
Pakwan Indian spot in SF!

25. Thing about skateboarding:
You can always whip up some good, like a chef… you want extra cheese? Cool. Extra meat? Alright. Keep it veg? Ok! That curry!? Or just skip a meal. Just doin what you want when you feel.

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