The Tuesday 25 with Andrew Cannon

FS 5-0

1.Warm up trick:
No complies. Just learned them last year.

2. Cereal:
Everything bagel with veggie spread

3. Restaurant:
Arriba Mexican Grill

4. Skatepark:
Tempe Park

5. Board graphic of all time:
Toy Machine Robot

Andrew Cannon “It’s Your World” trailer from World Industries on Vimeo.

6. Mastodon song:
They are a concept album band, so favorite album is Crack the Skye. My right leg is tattooed with the artwork from it.

7. Course you took in college:
Fiction writing

8. Skate artist:
Ed Templeton… duh

9. Recent video part:
Albert Nyberg’s part in the New Soul video. That dude looks like he has fun, that’s rad.

10. Song from a skate video:
“For Want Of” – Rites of Spring in Transmission 7

11. Charlie Thomas story:
We went to Charlie’s dad’s house on a cross country trip with him and my best friend Dan. When we were done dinner and hanging out Charlie showed us a bunch of his old pro boards and it was really awesome to get to see the boards in his dad’s house in Louisiana.

12. Thing to get for free:
Skateboards, I love skating.

13. Question to be asked at a demo:
People always ask me if I’m a teacher. I got my degree and did student teaching, but I am not currently teaching.

14. Thing about married life:
My wife is the complete package. She’s my favorite.

15. Question to be asked in an interview:
Anything about music.

16. Question to ask in an interview:
Anything awkward to catch someone off guard.

17. Thing about being pro:
That my parents are proud of me.

18. Movie:

19. Place to vacation:
Royal Caribbean Cruise. We did that for the honeymoon and it was epic!

20. Person to travel with:
My wife

21. Person you’ve been mistaken for:
Lutzka thought I was Justin Brock when I first met him last year at Dew Tour, he told me I killed it at Maloof…I’ve never skated Maloof.

22. Heavy set skateboarder:
Fred Gall

23. World pro of all time:
Mike Maldonado. I know people are gonna give me shit for this, but he’s from my town and I still look up to him. Maldonado is a LEGEND!

24. Quote:
“It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees” – Emiliano Zapata

25. Thing about skateboarding:
It’s so much fun. It sucks that people forget that.

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