The Tuesday 25 with Anthony Shetler

Switch ollie
Photo: Sean Cronan

1. Warm up trick:

2. Board graphic:
The Zered Bassett lobster board is epic.

3. Place to travel to:
Portugal with the Nieratko family

4. Person to travel with:
Brandon Westgate

5. 5Boro memory:
Sleeping on Steve Rodriquez’ floor asking him about the skateboard industry.

6. Thing about the East Coast:
ALL I NEED is the East Coast

7. Type of burrito:
No Problemo super chicken

8. Food:

9. Musician:

10. TV Show:
Cleveland Show

11. Movie:
Forrest Gump

12. Book:
“Ain’t No Making It”

13. Beverage:
Sam Adams

14. Guilty pleasure:
Energy drinks

15. Current am:
Corey Goonan

16. Pro of all time:
Aaron Suski

17. Thing about turning pro:
I’m able to wake up and go skate instead of flipping burgers.

18. Trick to hate on:
360 shuvs looks like a tail whip on a scooter.

19. Pet peeve:
Carbon copy skaters be original.

20. Way to spend your money:
Good food

21. Piece of advice you’ve been given:
Keep good company.

22. Comedian:
Bill Hicks

23. Joke:
That’s what she said.

24. Place to be:
It’s not where I am but who I’m with.

25. Thing about skateboarding:
ALL I NEED is skateboarding

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