The Tuesday 25 with Ben Gore

Photo: Dan Z

1. Thing about Florida:
Warm water

2. Thing about places that aren’t Florida:
Cold water

3. Place to travel to:

4. Question to be asked at a demo:
“Can I have your board?”

5. Sports team:
Giants, the San Francisco ones

6. Pro at the moment:
Dennis Busenitz

7. Pro of all time:
Ocean Howell, Mike Daher, Ricky Oyola

8. Am:
Pat Stiener

9. Skate video:
That last part in Closure

10. Musical group:
John Fahey

11. Movie:

12. Quote:
I can sell out Madison Square Gardens masturbating.” -Mike Tyson

13. Guilty pleasure:

14. Person to travel with:
I like to bring a camera.

15. Gas station purchase:
Gas, unfortunately

16. Memory from filming MIA:
Joel Mienholz

17. Mike Sinclair story:
Harold Hunter ones

18. Thing about being teammates with Jason Lee:
Getting his board for free to hang on my wall

19. Ginger:
Spice Girl

20. Skate graphic:
Sean Sheffey chicken board

21. Warm up trick:

22. Famous female:
Chloë Sevingy

23. Actor:
Steve Buschemi

24. Skate trend:
That greaser look

25. Thing about skateboarding:

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