The Tuesday 25 with Cesar Fernandez

Switch Crook
Photo: Derec Patrick

1. Go-to-trick: Any kickflip variation.

2. Warm up spot: Cherry Park.

3. Current Location: Long Beach, CA.

4. Place to travel to: Seattle, Austin, Brooklyn, or Florida.

Cesar Fernandez – Secondhand Stoke Alternate Edit from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

5. Things you do when not skating: Work, work, and work some more. I currently work at United Boardshop slanging gear and decks. Come by and visit, you might get a little discount if you’re lucky! I help my good friend Jason Rothmeyer by sub-repping for him. I also help my fiancé with her businesses, Sass and Peril and The Paper Cub. Always good to stay busy right?

6. Video part of all time: Marc Johnson, Tiltmode Man Down

7. Music Artist: Michael Jackson.

8. Board Graphic: Any board that has/had Sieben art.

9. Next travel destination: NYC again.

10. Favorite Skateboarder cover: Omar Salazar, June/July 2011, that bump to backside tailslide.

11. Movie quote: “Wax on…. Wax off” – The Karate Kid

12. Favorite skate photo: Any Koston photo looks good to me.

13. Filming for: A solo part maybe? Just stacking footage when I can.

14. Guilty pleasure: Call of Duty.

15. Book: The Tao of Wu.

16. Favorite youtube video: Impersonations by Kevin Spacey.

17. Movie: Currently, Looper.

18. Current skate trend: Griptape Art.

19. Partner in crime: My fiancé Shannon Kennedy.

20. Things you wish you could get for free: airfare, NBA tickets, food.

21. Worst/best question to be asked at a demo: Worst – Can I have your board? / Best – Can I have your autograph?

22. Beverage: Coca-Cola

23. Pro when you were a kid: Kalis, Welsh, Koston, Guy, MJ, Gonz, Jason Lee, Stevie, Danny Garcia, plus so many more. I’m a huge skate nerd and those guys’ video parts fueled my skating.

24. Website (non-skate):

25. Best trip in recent memory/ever: Just got engaged in NYC while I was there in May. The Roger Texas Toast Tour was a great time as well.

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