The Tuesday 25 with Chad Tim Tim

1. City for skating:
Long Beach!!!

2. Skate video:
Vintage: Mouse. Present: Alien Video

3. Actor/Actress:
Philip Seymour Hoffman (Crocodile Tears!)

4. Band/musician:
I like Music!

5. Skatepark:
Wilmington park is fun, Eldo I call home!

6. Restaurant:
Houstons have the best Ribs!

7. Video game:
All the OG Nintendo games Zelda and Metroid

8. Holiday:
Christmas of course!

9. Quote:
“What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today!” Groundhog Day

10. Sports Team:
Everyone hates the LAkers, I love em!

11. Vacation spot:
By the Beach Boyeeee!

12. Skate shoe:
Tim Tims

13. Board game:

14. Beverage:
Lately, coconut juice

15. Movie:
John Hughes movies. May he rest in peace

16. Place to take the family:

17. Thing to do in Long Beach:
Let’s eat!

18. TV show:
House Hunters, and I need to catch up on Mad Men.

19. Partner in crime:

20. Song from skate video:
“Three is a Magic Number” by De La Soul

21. Childhood memory:
Building treehouses

22. 508 memory:
Telling the crew to wait for me to get out of school to go skate.

23. Skate web site:
Is this a trick?

24. Non-skate, non-porn website:

25. Thing about skateboarding:
Still lovin’ it after all these years.

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