The Tuesday 25 with Chany Jeanguenin

1. Vert Trick
Backside air

2. Street Trick
Back Smith. I can’t do them though.

3. Thing to do when you go back to Switzerland
Chill with the fam, eat fondue, doors sight seeing, play petanque.

4. Swiss Skateboarder
My homies Sebastien Baragnai , Miguel Alzate, Micky Iglesias , Olie Burgin, Juanito Pizzaro, and Pie

5. Video part growing up
Danny way in Shackle Me Not and many more. Mckay in Questionable, Hensley in the H street video and all the other parts. Jason Jesse. Natas in Wheels of Fire, Jason Lee ,Gonz and Guy in Video Days.

6. Video part now
I got so many. All parts in the Lakai video are amazing. Transworld And Now with Kenny, Malto, Gravette and Matt, Matt Beach’s part in the new one, Jamie Thomas in Fallen’s Ride the Sky, I can name too many.

7. Person to bump into at the Berrics
I always hope Felix is there, but I see Biebel, Supa, Daniel, Guy, Mike, Eric, and Jason King the legend. Alway a pleasure to see them skate.

8. Thing to do in Carlsbad
Go to Ricos or Lolas, don’t skate the Carlsbad park, look at the Carlsbad gap, wonder where you are going to skate.

9. Americanism
Fuck it!

10. Thing about living in California
Always sunny

11. Memory from a Kayo trip
Lenny and Rodrigo Lima stealing the van. Lenny in jail. Best time.

12. Question to get asked at a demo,
“How do you say your last name?”

13. Movie

14. Quote
“Don’t sell the bear skin before you kill it.”

15. Food
Over sized pasta plate late night.

16. Band
Wide Wings

17. Album

18. Type of Kung Fu
Choi li fut

19. City for Skating
Barcelona , Shenzen, LA

20. Vacation destination
Bienne, Switzerland

21. Way to have your name mispronounced
My first or last name? “TCHHHany” jannnguuunin..enein…”

22. Memory from working at the Planet Earth warehouse
Taking the bus or get pick up by Joe Johnson at 7 am, attaching sting tags on jeans and then skate the wooden banks at the back.

23. Up and coming ripper
Spencer Hamilton, Little Will ,Keelan, Lem Villemin, Vincent Alvarez

24. Porn star
No croocket teeths and fats

25. Thing about skateboarding
Never gets old, personality and love

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