The Tuesday 25 with Chris Pastras

Frontside 5-0
Photo: Aaron Smith

1. Go-to-trick:
5-0 Grinds and Smith grinds

2. Warm up spot:
Lincoln Park or Belevedere Park, East LA. Most weekdays, the park is all I have time for.

3. Stereo memory:
Filming in SF for A Visual Sound and everyday I wake up.

4. Stereo teammate:
Gotta be J.Lee…who else??

5. Thing to do when not skating:
Work on Stereo and WeSC, make art, meddle in my yard, visit my Mom or my Pops, and hang with my dogs.

6. Video part of all time:
Can’t name one…but how about Gonz from Video Days, early Tommy Guerrero Powell parts, and Natas Streets of Fire.

7. Website (non-skate one):
They have those? Ha. I don’t know, I like to stay up on news and sports.

8. Band of all-time:
That’s tough, but I’ll go with The Clash, The Police, and The Stones.

9. Guilty pleasure:
Let’s make this plural…Gluten, dairy and of course beer. Recently did a 10 day cleanse without any of those things and realized how shitty they each make your body feel. But who doesn’t love a huge pepperoni pizza and a cold beer? That’s right, no one but a newborn baby.

10. Current addiction:
My damn iPhone, I can’t believe I’m not on it right now. Instagram is the worst best thing ever. I need help!

11. Daily routine:
Well…I wake up really early and surf my phone to find out how much fun everyone had the night before and realize how dull my life is this days now that I’m old and have responsibilities that require me to be up early. You younger pros are killin it, keep the party dream alive for me fellas! My day starts at 6:30-7am with coffee, feeding the dogs, and watering the plants, then on given day it’s a various mix of driving to meetings at Antics in Vista, phone calls and emails to Stereo or WeSC people to make shit happen, a bit of skateboarding at a local park, the gym/sauna, more meetings, more phone calls and emails, and here and there some hosting and travel.

12. Favorite skate photo:
That’s impossible, so many good images out there. But Tony Alva photos from the late 70s & early 80s is one of the things got me into skating in ‘79, of course any early photos of Gonz, Natas, and TG, then pretty much Grant Brittain‘s entire archive, I could go on for hours.

13. Thing about Jason Lee:

14. Way to spend your money:
A good dinner or travel.

15. Thing to get for free:
WeSC gear, makes me look fashionable.

16. Board graphic:
Of my own, I’d have to say the Blue Note board which was my first Stereo pro model. Of someone elses, I’d say TG’s Powell board with the Dagger and Flames, I rode like 20 of those in the 80s, beyond that… the OG Shut and Dogtown graphics.

17. Thing you wish you could get for free:
Plane tickets, and a mortgage.

18. Current skate trend:
Skate everything, me likey. Freestyle died in the 80s for a good reason.

19. Partner in crime:
J. Lee & Momma Dune.

20. Book:
Currently reading Christian Hosoi and Rob Lowe biographies, and Eat to Live. Highly recommend all three.

21. Question to be asked at a demo:
“Are you Chris Pastras?” Or no name… and …”Are you the guy from TV?” And of course, “Where’s Jason Lee?”

22. Beverage:

23. Pro when you were a kid:
Lance Mountain. Lance’s first part in The Bones Brigade Video Show made skating look fun and accessible, and is really another major reason I started skating… Tommy Guerrero, and of course Mike V, he lived the next town over and brought me into this whole deal.

24. iPhone app:
Goggle Local. It’s how I find everything each day. Instagram gets enough props.

25. Thing about skateboarding:
The brotherhood. It’s one big dysfynctional awesome family.

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