The Tuesday 25 with Dakota Servold

Backside 50-50 over the gap
Photo: Ben Karpinski

1. Warm up trick:
Switch back 360 kickflip…

2. Thing to do in AZ:
Skate P.V. Park. Best park in the world.

3. Thing to do when not skating:
Mountain biking is really sick.

4. Place to travel to:
Nashville is so fucking sick.

5. Person to travel with:
Mike Sinclair, fasho.

6. Road trip essential:
Camels, iPod, and good souls.

7. Song from a skate video:
Heath Kirchart Sight Unseen. That song was so good.

8. Recent video part:
Aaron Homoki, A Happy Medium 2

9. Video of all time:
Misled Youth

10. Musical act:
Book of Mormon

11. YouTube sensation:
People eating shit is really fucking sick haha to see

12. Non-skate site:

13. Thing to get for free:
A house in LB.

14. Ex-Foundation rider:
Heath Kirchart

15. Current Foundation rider:
Taylor Smith

16. WTF filming memory:
Tim Cisilino missing Ryan Spencer’s hurricane on this rail and blaming him for going. The first thing he said was ” he wasn’t support to go ” that was a good one …

17. Question to be asked at a demo:
Can I have your board, your shirt, your shoes, your life?

18. Trick to pull out in a game of SKATE:
Nollie 360 hard flip late back 180

19. No-no skate trick:
Back salad: worst trick ever, hahaha.

20. Beverage
Beer or water.

21. Fast food order:
Dollar menu shit.

22. Meal:
Mom and Dad meals are always the best.

23. Guilty pleasure:

24. Movie quote:
“70% of the time, it works every time.”

25. Thing about skateboarding:
I fucking love to ride and I’m doing to do it till I die!

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