The Tuesday 25 With Daniel Lutheran

Frontside boardslide
Photo: Aaron Smith

1. Go-to-trick:
Backside whatevvs

2. Warm up spot:

3. Favorite Toy Machine memory:
All of them but having the whole team at Lu Compound,
New Mexico on the Brainwash tour was epic!

4. Vans teammate:
Cody Green

5. Thing to do when not skating:
Marinate and expand all realms.

6. Video part of all-time:
Dang, I have so many. Some are Reynolds, Kirchart, Scott Kane, Leo,
Provost, Wes Kremer, Nick T, and probably Jon Dickson’s new part.

7. Website (non-skate one):

8. Things about your brother Andrew Lutheran:
Genuine positive spirit, unconditional life co-pilot, lust for good life.

9. Guilty pleasure:
Nature called

10. Fast food order:
“Hiiiiii how are you? Good, may I please get a number 9 burrito,
side of mash potatoes and a small green chili stew? thank youuuuu!”

11. Movie quote:
“I don’t wanna be a product of my environment,
I want my environment to be a product of me.”

12. Skate photo:
Drew-Lu front three or Rowley back three Thrasher cover

13. Thing about living in Long Beach:
Toy Family, brostyles, ocean, girls, number nine, Broadway Deli, Jlay etc…

14. Way to spend your money:

15. Thing you wish you could get for free:
Boxers, Massages, Hair Rubs, Chacks, Hot Tub, Coffees, A Spaceship, etc…

16. Board graphic:
Muska Karate Kid one is OG, OG Toy Knuckles, OG Baker block letters

17. Movie:

18. Current skate trend:

19. Partner in crime:
An-fawwkiinnn-Louwwwww and Colonial Provost

20. Book:
Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss

21. Things about being from New Mexico:
Space, foods, sunsets, Luth Place, skating, close friends, wildlife and the land

22. Beverage:
Ummm… coffees

23. Pro when you were a kid:
Seems likes its always been about Reynolds.

24. Currently your listening to what:
A fire crackle and our sweet dog Lucy sleeping, Dylan- Moonshiner

25. Favorite Skateboarder Cover:
Leo rebel grind!!!!!!

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