The Tuesday 25 with Danny Montoya

1. City for skating:
Bogota with good friends

2. Skate video:
Love Child

3. Skate spot:
Anywhere with a good crew that makes you laugh.

4. Band/musician:
Right now, Mayor Hawthorne

5. Thing about Long Beach:
The Eastside

6. Breakfast spot:
Nick’s Deli. Breakfast Burrito hot add sour cream.

7. Thing to cook:
Black beans and rice, avocado salad, plantains, and steak medium well

8. Listen memory:
Three months in Europe with nothing to do but skate and live it up with the crew!

9. Rhythm memory:
Steady laughs with Felix, Ty, and the whole crew mashing around everywhere in his Isuzu Rodeo. Great memories.

10. Holiday:

11. Vacation spot:

12. Partner in crime:
Anybody who is down to roll with no expectations

13. Song:
Today’s Pick: “How Long Do I have to Wait for you Honey” (Ticklah Remix) by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.

14. Person to follow on Twitter:

15. Rob G. story:
Being at the Top of the ruins of Machu Picchu and watching the whole crew take part in 50 yard dash races. After several matches Rob G aka the West Coast Gorilla came out on top. Good times! Haha!

16. Live show you attended:
Any Tortured Soul show

17. Quote:
“What do you mean, what do you mean?” :-D

18. I-phone app:
Blackberry son!

19. Skateshop:
Those that support real skateboarding!

20. Video game:
Dragons Lair

21. Pastime when not skating:
Riding up to the top of Signal Hill then bombing Temple Ave on my bike.

22. Beverage:
Cafe: Cafe con Leche, Alcoholic: Chimay Blue, Non-alcoholic: Water

23. Skate web site: The epicly later’d episodes. Lot of good history right there!

24. Non-skate, non-porn website: Kenny Bloggins is good for the soul.

25. Thing about skateboarding:
There are no rules to it. You can do what feels good and to always be learning is what keeps me going! Skate or Die!

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