The Tuesday 25 with Derek Fukuhara

Bump to Frontside Tailslide
Photo: Aaron Smith

1. Warm up trick:
No comply

2. Skate spot:
Any bank involving a manny pad or ledge.

3. Thing to google:
How to…

4. Place to travel to:
Anywhere and everywhere

5. Person to travel with:

6. Thing to get for free:

7. Meal:
Sprouts Deli turkey sandwich

8. Beverage:
Goddess of Greens from the Mothers Market juice bar.

9. Movie:
Walking Life is a good one.

10. Quote:
So what, now what?

11. Song from a skate video:
What could get you more prepared for a life hammer than the 411 opener song?

12. Recent video part:
Brian Delatorre in the MIA video

13. Video of all time:

14. Musician:
Constantly changing

15. Album:
Mayer Hawthorne pandora

16. Guilty pleasure:

17. Trip you’ve ever been on:
2007 Ezekiel Deported Tour. 7 weeks in Europe, 10 countries, 2 broken lenses and countless good times with the boys.

18. Person to watch skate:
Austyn Gillette

19. Pro of all time:
Guy Mariano

20. Current pro:
Kenny Anderson

21. Current am:
Evan Smith

22. Thing to hate on:
My hometown, the OC.

23. Board graphic:
The used longboard with a panoramic photo of the Venice graffiti pits I came up on randomly.

24. Joke:
Anything that comes out of the mouth of Bart Jones.

25. Thing about skateboarding:
Skateboarding has introduced me to the wildest people and experiences, in turn opening my mind. I’d probably be knee deep in student loans and prescription pills if I never found skating… Or if skating had never found me.

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