The Tuesday 25 with Donovon Piscopo

Frontside noseblunt
Photo: Frankie Martinez

1. Go-to-trick:

2. Warm up spot:
Pawnshop skate mini ramp

3. Favorite memory:
The Pawnshop Opening

4. Alien teammate:
John Fitzgerald

5. Thing to do when not skating:
Beach and camp

6. Video part of all time:
Jason Adams Label Kills

7. Website (non-skate one):

8. Band all-time:
Pink Floyd

9. Guilty pleasure:
I’m not guilty

10. Fast food:
In n’ Out

11. Movie quote:
“I’m finished” There Will Be Blood

12. Skate photo:

13. Thing about Paul Rodriguez:
He’s the man.

14. Way to spend your money:
Save your money

15. Thing to get for free:
I can finally buy things.

16. Board graphic:
Alien Workshop spectrum board

17. Movie:
There Will Be Blood

18. Current skate trend:
Pawnshop skate

19. Partner in crime:

20. Book:
Rumble Fish

21. Question to be asked at a demo:
Can I have your shape?

22. Beverage:

23. Pro when you were a kid:
Jason Adams

24. Famous actress:
Phyllis Lapin

25. Thing about skateboarding:
It’s just skateboarding

Donovon’s Sponsors:
Alien Worksop
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