The Tuesday 25 with Joe Tookmanian

Gap to backside 50-50
Photo: Jonathan Mehring

1. Warm up trick:
No comply

2. 5Boro rider:
All of them

3. Sports team:
NY Giants

4. Type of cigar:
Rocky Patel 1990

5. NJ skater:
Silvester Eduardo

6. Skate spot:
My flatbar

7. Skatepark:
Drop In Skatepark

8. Thing about Jersey:

9. Thing to do when you can’t skate:

10.Question to be asked at a demo:
“Do you ride for 5Boro?”

11. Trip you’ve been on:
Any of our 5boro trips to Peru

12. Person to skate with:
Darren Baskinger

13. Place you’ve traveled to:
South of France

14. Musical group:
Bruce Springsteen and the E-street band

15. Recent video part:
Brandon’s Emerica shoe part

16. Skate video of all time:

17. Pro of all time:
Dan Pensyl

18. Current am:
Jimmy McDonald and Willy Akers in a dead tie.

19. Way to spend your money:
Chicken Supreme in Paterson, NJ

20. Book:
Wu Tang Manual by The Rza

21. Movie:
The Sylvester Stallone Catalog 

22. Album:
50 Cent “Power of the Dollah”

23. Trick to hate on in games of SKATE:
Pressure Flips or any street grab

24. Thing to get for free:

25. Thing about skateboarding:
Bombing hills