The Tuesday 25 with Kelly Hart

360 flip
Photo: Jonathan Mehring

1.Warm up trick:
360 flip

2. Flatground trick:
Nollie frontside heel

3. Thing to get for free:

4. Place to travel to:
Just got back from Japan with the LRG crew. Japan is amazing!

5. Person to travel with:
I went to China this summer for a few weeks with Justin Eldridge and Guy Mariano. They were super fun to travel with… also love traveling with the Expedition and LRG crews, and can’t forget my homie Anthony Claravall!

Kelly Hart – Give Me My Money Chico from LRG on Vimeo.

6. Person to play in SKATE:
Chico Brenes

7. Famous Kelly:
R. Kelly

8. Famous female:
Jessica Biel 100%

9. LRG trip:
Every LRG trip is mad fun, but the first LRG china trip we had sticks out the most. That sparked the making of the LRG vid Give Me My Money Chico.

10. Thing about growing up in OC:
Beautiful weather & babes!

11. Question to be asked at a demo:
“What’s your best trick?”

12. Fast food:
Don’t really eat fast food too much but El Pollo Loco is pretty bomb!

13. Not fast food:
This Italian spot in Laguna I always go to when I’m back home called Mangia Bene.

14. Beverage:
Iced coffee

15. Song from a skate video:
Gino Iannucci’s song in Trilogy. Ghostface killah – Motherless Child

16. Recent video part:
Wes Kremer DC part

17. Video part of all time:
Brian Wenning in Photosynthesis

18. Skate videos of all time:
Mouse, Trilogy and Photosynthesis

19. Musical act:
The Bernie?

20. Story from living with Walker Ryan:
On his birthday he came back from the store with a six pack of beer. He was drinking one of them at the house and he looks at me and says, “Dude, check out this new German beer I got. It’s hella good!” He was drinking an O’Douls.

Kelly Hart from LRG on Vimeo.

21. Guilty pleasure:
Eating late at night

22. Thing to Tweet:
My instagram photos! (@KellyHart)

23. Thing about So Cal:
A lot of my homies and sponsors are located down here. But most of all, I love this place the most ’cause it’s my home!

24. Skatepark:
Berrics & Santa Ana park

25. Thing about skateboarding:
The fact skateboarding has given me the opportunity to travel to amazing places and meet great people is so tight. But the best thing about skateboarding I think is rolling away from that trick you were trying for six hours straight!

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