The Tuesday 25 with Luan De Oliveira

1. City for skating:
Porto Alegre

2. Skate video when you were a kid:

3. Pro when you were a little kid:
Nilton Neves

4. Band/musician:

5. Thing about Brazil:
The food

6. Thing about coming to stay in California:
Hanging out with my new friends.

7. Skatepark:
Iapi in Porto Alegre

8. Memory from making Extremely Sorry:
When we all went skating in Barcelona with David and Ewan.

9. Story from a Feast tour:
When Ewan bought a purple sex alien doll at a porn shop.

10. Holiday:

11. Vacation Spot:
Teutonia in Brazil

12. Partner in crime:
David Gonzalez

13. Iphone app:
I don’t have an iPhone

14 Beverage:

15. Thing to do when not skating:
Get on the Internet to talk to my family and girlfriend

16. Person to follow on twitter:

17. Quote:
“Skate or Die!”

18. Thing about winning Damn AM:
The guitar I won

19. Skateshop:
Matriz Skateshop in Brazil

20. Childhood memory:
I shit in my hand and threw it at my friend.

21. Movie:

22. Video game:
Guitar Hero

23. Skate web site:

24. Non-skate, non-porn website:

25. Thing about skateboarding:
Learning tricks, meeting new people and having fun.

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