The Tuesday 25 with Mark Gutterman

Frontside feeble
Photo: Garric Ray

1. Go-to-trick:

2. Warm up spot:
Street in front of my house.

3. John Bradford memory:
John Bradford is one stand up dude

4. Growing up skating with Mikey Taylor:
Borchard skatepark

5. Thing to do when not skating:
Play music

6. Video part of all time:
There is too many, but a couple that come to mind at the moment are John Cardiel Sight Unseen and Van Wastel Gnar Gnar.

7. Website (non-skate one):

8. Band all-time:
Abner Jay, the one man band.

9. Loose or tight trucks:
In the grey area

10. Funniest Ethan Fowler Memory:
The first time he called me was on a friends phone because I didn’t have one at the time. I was convinced that it was a prank phone call and didn’t believe a word he said. I wrote his number down on the back of a pizza box, rolling my eyes at my friends and replying to everything with a general “uh huh”, “yeah… sure…. oh, a new board company called Bummer High. yeah… of course”. It wasn’t until the next day when I called him back that I was convinced it was in fact Ethan Fowler and I had made an honest fool of myself… But I don’t think he noticed anyway.

11. Quote:
“… who is the greater madman, he who is so because he can’t help it, or he who is so of his own free will.” – Cervantes

12. Favorite Skateboarder Cover:
Lance Mountain, frontside invert on the pool railing.

13. Thing about Garrett Hill:
Garrett and Gantry kill it

14. Way to spend your money:
As if it grew on trees.

15. Thing to get for free:

16. Board graphic:
Zoo York sky high series by Alessandro “Zuek” Simonetti.

17. Movie:

18. Worst skate trend:
Does skateboarding with headphones count? Either way, it pisses me off. 

19. Partner in crime:
Aleks Lewandowski

20. Book:  
Don Quixote

21. Album all-time:
Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison.

22. Beverage:

23. Pro when you were a kid:
I was of the Welcome to Hell generation, so everybody in that video. Also Geoff Rowley, Jeremy Wray, Ethan Fowler.

24. Famous female/actress:
Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker

25. Thing about skateboarding:
Synonymous with living.

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