The Tuesday 25 with Mark Suciu

Kickflip over rail into bank
Photo: Jonathan Mehring

1. Way to start your day:
Dunkin’ Donuts

2. Flatground trick:
Front shove

3. Fast food order:
Panda Express rice bowl

4. Band/ musician/group:

5. Current pro:
Jake Johnson

6. Pro of all time:
Tom Penny

7. Pro when you were a kid:
P.J. Ladd

8. Character from a TV show:

9. Movie:
Midnight in Paris

10. Famous female:
Rachel McAdams

11. Thing to get for free:
Krispy Kremes

12. Travel destination:

13. Person to travel with:

14. Skate trend:

15. Way to spend your money:

16. Thing to do when you’re not skating:

17. Video part to watch before you go skate:
Danny Renaud, Mosaic

18. Song from a skate video:
“Forget the Swan” Dinosaur Jr.

19. Fred Gall story:
Destroying a house and skating a pool with him in Jersey.

20. Story from the road:
Hanging out at Marius’s cabin in Finland.

21. Habitat rider:

22. Question to be asked at a demo:

23. Recent video part:
Bobby Worrest éS part

24. Current am:
Gilbert Crockett

25. Thing about skateboarding:
The chicks

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