The Tuesday 25 with Marty Murawski

Backside Smith grind
Photo: John Bradford

1. Warm up trick:
Front shove or the no comply Whaley flip thingy

2. Way to start your day:

3. AZ skater:
Steve Chavosky

4. Thing to do in AZ when you’re not skating:
Go for a bike ride. Not bad-ass motorcycle bike ride but like my mom’s bicycle bike ride. Haha

5. Skatepark:

6. Person to follow on Instagram:
Me! Haha, naw @insta_van has nice pics. I want his job! [Follow Marty at @mmurawski]

7. YouTube sensation:

8. Musician:
There’s a lot, but right now I’ll go with Neko Case.

9. Board graphic:
Alien vs Predator Skate Mental, hands down! I laughed for like an hour after I saw it.

10. Recent video part:
Weiger Van “Howeveryouspellhisname” in the last Nike vid.

11. Video part of all time:
Pat Duffy Questionable

12. Current pro:
Lucas Puig

13. Current am:
Kevin Coakley

14. Pro of all time:
Pat Duffy

15. Pro when you were a kid:
Matt Hensley

16. Thing to eat:

17. Trip you’ve been on:
Filmbot trip to France and Spain. First time I was out of the States. So much fun.

18. Person to travel with:

19. Thing to get for free:

20. Quote:
“Skating is everything, and nothing at the same time.” Basically, it’s everything to us, it’s our life. We won’t put so much into it and feel so strongly about it if it wasn’t. But at the same time, don’t take it too serious. Have fun, learn to let it go and not get to caught up in it. ‘Cause it’s is just a board with wheels.” Something I heard Jerry Hsu say.

21. Movie:
Shawshank Redemption

22. Question to be asked at a demo:
“Can I have…?” No! Haha.

23. Thing you’ve been told after a night of partying:
“Marty, you were wasted, dude! You kept telling everyone you love them!”

24. Way to spend your money:
Food and drinks

25. Thing about skateboarding:

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