The Tuesday 25 with Mike Mo

Halfcab Kickflip
Photo: Aaron Smith

1. Go-to-trick:
kickflip Indy

2. Warm up spot:
Biebel’s World

3. Lakai Fully Flared memory:
Every moment

4. Girl teammate:
The whole Girl/Chocolate family. Greatest dudes ever.

5. Thing to do when not skating:
Basketball, video games and ping pong!!!

6. Video part of all time:
Koston Yeah Right!

7. Website (non-skate one): I like seeing all the new tech stuff that comes out.

8. Reasons to live in Semi Valley:
Simi Valley. Because its home, go to The Arena, Skatelab, friends, family. We actually got a lot of good spots too.

9. Guilty pleasure:
I’ll stay up late and play video games. I’ve been stuck on the new batman Arkham City game, it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played.

10. Fast food order:
In n’ out. Number 1 no onion and a Dr Pepper.

11. Who has a nicer car, you or Malto:
Sean and I have the same car. Mines black and his is grey. I got mine about a year before him, so he copied me. But his has more upgrades. So he does.

12. Skate photo:
What do you mean? Haha

13. Thing about David Loy:
He asked if San Diego was a state. That pretty much sums him up.

14. Way to spend your money:
I seriously buy so much stuff from Target every time I go there. I get so much stuff I don’t need for no reason at all.

15. Thing you wish you could get for free:
iPhones, anything Apple. Video games.

16. Board graphic:
Of mine? Probably my first board. Means the most to me.

17. How did you start going by Mike Mo:
I use to call my Dad “Daddo” when I was super young. And he would call me Mike Mo. Cute huh? Haha

18. Current skate trend:
Skating naked

19. Partner in crime:

20. Trick that always gets you a letter in SKATE:
Varial flip

21. Question to be asked at a demo:
I don’t even think kids ask questions. More like demands. Do a 720 flip! Give me your board!

22. Starbucks order:
Whatever Malto gets. I never go to Starbucks.

23. Plans for 2012:
Girl Chocolate video

24. Is it intimidating being on DC with Chris Cole and Danny Way:
Both really awesome dudes. If we’re talking about skating, then yeah I’m terrified of them. They’re amazing.

25. Favorite Skateboarder Cover:
Mikey Taylor’s Christ Air into the deep end of Lances pool.

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