The Tuesday 25 with Mikey Taylor

1. City for skating:
Kansas City

2. Skate video when you were a kid:

3. Pro when you were a kid:
Eric Koston

4. Band/musician:

5. Thing about Newbury Park:
NP sucks, but it’s home!

6. Restaurant:

7. Skatepark:
The Berrics

8. City Stars memory:
We drove up to Canada in an RV. The driver feel asleep, veered off the road when the tire blew out and were fish tailing on the freeway going 80mph. I slept through the whole thing though, but Paul [P-Rod] said it was crazy!

9. Mind Field memory:
Alien had a room dedicated to making weird things for the video. Most the bizarre clips from the video were made in this room. I went out to Ohio to check it out and Chad [Bowers] and [Mike] Hill were on a different level. It was awesome.

10. Holiday:
I’m a big X-mas fan!

11. Vacation spot:
Costa Rica

12. Partner in crime:

13. Automobile:
94 Civic hatchback

14 Beverage:
Arnold Palmer

15. Thing to do when not skating:

16. person to follow on twitter:

17. Quote:
“Sometimes you just gotta wile out.”

18. I-phone app:
The app that drives your car!

19. Skateshop:

20. Childhood memory:
Getting arrested with Van for skating at a church. Our parents had to come to court with us. They totally bailed us out of that one. Van’s dad brought his report card and told the judge if they give us communtiy service it will affect our studying. My dad didn’t bring mine. My grades weren’t as good as Van’s. Nonetheless,the judge dropped the charges.

21. Movie:

22. Video game:
Call of Duty

23. Skate web site:

24. Non-skate, non-porn website:

25. Thing about skateboarding:
The feeling of landing a trick for the first time. It doesn’t get much better then that!

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