The Tuesday 25 with Nate LaCoste

Photo: Eric Palozzolo

1. Where are you from and how old are you:
Vancouver, BC and I just turned 2000 years old.

2. Things about Vancouver:
Its where the sky meets the sea.

3. Best burritos in SF:
El Metate.

4. Go to trick:
Dependos on the spot, but I’ve been know to test the waters with an ollie.

5. Favorite city in America:
Austin, TX and SF are tied. Both have amazing spots, food and night life.

6. Trends in skating:
Instagram haha

7. Best camping:
Kauai, Hawaii is unmatched.

8. How does it feel to turned pro:
Really, really good?

9. Things to look forward to:
Moving to Philadelphia this summer.

10. Analog or digital:
Analog everything.

11. Favorite skateboarder as a child:
McCrank obvs.

12. Ketchup chips or poutine:
Why not both?! but if I had to choose, Ketchup chips.

13. Canadian fly out:
North American Union Fly-out

14. Best canadian skater:
No way to tell. Its fun watching Spencer kill it.

15. Warm up spot:
Pushing to a spot usually does it.

16. Things to do when not skating:
Camp, make stuff, cook, twist, lace, sleep, weave, work.

17. Website (non- skate one):

18. Guilty pleasure:
Trap & weed

19. iPhone app:
Snap chat is blowing minds.

20. Thing to get for free:
Camping equipment

21. Movies:
Point Break

22. Current projects:
Sieben had an idea to make two short skate videos centered around skating DITCHES and CURBS that should be out later this week. Go to to check those out.

23. Fast food order:

24. Dream sponsor:
Poler and Goal Zero

25. Quote:
Let me tell you something my friend, hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.

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