The Tuesday 25 with Pat Stiener

Pat Stiener – 25

1. City for skating :
New York
2. Skate company as a kid
Alien Workshop
3. Actor/Actress
Bill Murray
4. Band/musician at the moment
Bradford Cox
5. Video part
Danny Renaud Mosaic
6. Board game
7. Video game
Boogerman, Zombies ate my Neighbor, NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat 2 Sega Classics
8. Pick Up Line
Nice shoes, wanna f**k?
9. Quote
Don’t wave your rights with your flags
10. Sports Team
Boston Celtics
11. Vacation spot
South Beach
12. Skate shoe
The old Half-Cabs
13. Famous female
Natalie Portman
14. Excuse to use
new shoes, old board
15. Movie
The Royal Tenenbaums
16. Skate rapper
Skatemaster Tate
17. Magazine cover
Jeremy Wray’s water tower ollie. I had only been skating for about a year or so when that came out, and I remember it completely blew me away.
18. Warm up spot
Flatground anywhere
19. Partner in crime
Steve Brandi
20. Song used in a skate video
21. TV show
22. Quote
“Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It’s what seperates us from the animals….except the weasels.”
23. Skate site
24. non-skate, non-porn website
25. Thing about skateboarding
Going fast and the sound of grinding a real ledge.

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