The Tuesday 25 with Raymond Molinar

1.City for skating
San Francisco
2.Skate video
Mouse, Photosynthesis and Quim Cardona in Real’s Non-Fiction
My old box across the street from my parents’ house in Riverside.
4. Vacation Destination
Yellowstone National Park.
5. movie
the Wrestler
6. Skate Rapper
whatever works.
7. Warm Up Spot
Fort Miley
8. Partner in crime
No one really.
9. TV show
Alton Brown
11. Quote
“I’d rather have a bottle in front of me then a frontal lobotomy”
12. Skate company as a kid
Girl/Chocolate and FIT skateboards
13. actor/actress
Angelica Huston, Benicio Del Toro
14. board game
Apples to Apples
15. photography subject
Everything that I see on a day to day basis.
16. drink
Makers club soda with a splash of lime or a bottle of sauvignon blanc.
17. restaurant
Hong Phat
18. Thing about Long Beach
Not the same.
19. famous italian
Sophia Loren
20. non porn non skate website
21. thing to hate on
Not sure anymore
22. Board graphic
When I was younger i remember looking through a CCS catalog and being hyped on a Willy Santos Birdhouse graphic.
23. song from a video part
Jack Sabback Traffic video. Inspiring part!
24. band/musician
Vetiver and Tom Waits.
25. thing about skateboarding
Not the same.