The Tuesday 25 with Rob Welsh

1. Movie:
The Shawshank Redemption

2. Wu-Tang song:

3.Brand of smokes:

4.New England sports team:
Red Sox

5.West Coast sports team:

6. Aesthetics rider:
Kevin Taylor

7. Thing about Portland Maine:
Regular Italian sandwich

8. Thing about SF:
Sunset District

9. Thing about AZ:
Concrete parks

10. Thing to Tweet:
Not sure, i guess anything interesting.

11. Road trip partner:

12. Song from a skate video:
“My Mind’s Playin Tricks on Me” Geto Boys. Tom Boyle’s part

13. Skate part from this year:
Gonz, Video days every year

14. Part from Fully Flared:
Mike’s part

15. Wu-Tang member:

16. Question to be asked at a skate demo:
How did you spin the dice on your finger? (See Above)

17. Food:

18. Warm-up skate spot:
Red curb

19. Expedition rider:
Spencer Hamilton

20. Skate site:

21. Non-skate, non-porn site:

22. Skate shoe:
Telford Lakai

23. Pier 7 memory:
Good times hanging out.

24. Mag cover:
Julien Stranger’s Thrasher cover, doing the back lipslide at the bus station.

25. Thing about skating:
It never gets old, it’s always fun

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