The Tuesday 25 with Ryan Reyes

Miller flip over the spine
Photo: Randy Rivera

1. Warm up trick:
Probably an impossible

2. Way to start your day:
Get a Starbucks venti water and call my boy Cody Bear.

3. Place you’ve traveled to:
Australia was the dopest for sure! I made so many new friends including my main man Gabbers.

4. Person to travel with:
Matthew Price

5. Recent video part:
Lee Yankou’s Business As Usual part was bonkers.

6. Skate video:
My friends Matt and Gene’s video Nagajoose. Get it at

7. Memory from iPath:
Fart, I dunno! The whole frickin’ experience. Everyone on the team are pretty much best friends. Ohio Dave put together a great group of boys.

8. Fred Gall moment:
I love Fred. I don’t eat with metal silverware and we were in Thailand at this restaurant and they didn’t have plastic forks, so Fred was like “What! I got you Ryan I’ll be right back.” And Fred disappeared for about a half hour and came back with one plastic fork. That’s my favorite Fred story. If you know me then you know how important plastic forks are to me.

9. Jaws story:
We woke up one morning and had to start a long drive. Our hotel room was on the second story and people were already at the van. So Jaws without hesitating just throws his bag off the balcony and jumps, haha.

10. AZ Ditch:
Power Ditch is pretty got dang fun!

11. Thing about AZ:

12. Food:
Anything but ketchup.

13. Movie:
The Notebook

14. Band:

15. Book:
Well, I’ve only read the Hanson Biography and the Gene Simmons autobiography, so I’m gonna have to go with Hanson.

16. Non-Skate website:
Google’s pretty cool

17. Online sensation:
Ray’s last jump! YouTube it!!

18. Member of the Dry Bones Nation:
Michael Kryger

19. Current am:
Preston Harper

20. Current pro:
Benjamin Raybourn

21. Pro of all time:
Daewon Song

22. Thing about Creature:
The trips are actually too fun!

23. Question to be asked at a demo:
How do I get in the Dry Bones Nation?

24: Thing to get for free:
Sk8boards. DUH!!

25: Thing about skateboarding:
The babes ;)