The Tuesday 25 with Steven Reeves


Corner to Corner Stalefish
Photo: Garric Ray

1. Go-to-trick: Kickflip

2. Warm up spot: Brooklyn Street or Burnside

3. Skating with Steve Caballero: An Honor!

4. Best trip in recent memory/ever: Switch Mongo tour! It was so awesome to be on a trip with all the homies. There were so many of us as well!

5. Thing to do when not skating: Video games, find new bands, go to shows, read about Astronomy, make nachos, blare music.

6. Video part of all time: Anything Busenitz!

7. Website (non-skate one): or

8. Band all-time: Black Sabbath

9. Loose or tight trucks: Medium-tight

10. Place to travel too: Sweden or Pacific Northwest

11. Current addiction: Atmospheric black metal

12. Favorite Skateboarder Cover: Lance Mountain front invert on the ladder

13. Last meal: The first BBQ of the year!

14. Way to spend your money: Shows, records.

15. iPhone app: The Dice

16. Board graphic: Skull and Sword

17. Powell Teammate: All of us together!

18. Worst skate trend: Robots

19. Partner in crime: Joose

20. Book: The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene

21. Worst Bet that you’ve lost: It’s a close tie between having to wear all white head to toe for a week or having to say yes to everything for a month.

22. Beverage: Water, coconut water, or a craft beer.

23. Pro when you were a kid: Ben Gilley in Label Kills was the first time I heard Slayer, so he wins.

24. Famous female/actress: Zooey Deschanel or the chick from the 5th Element.

25. Thing about skateboarding: It’s always so fun! You forget about everything else.

Bones Wheels
Bones Swiss
Globe (flow)
OC Ramps
Jack’s Board Shop
Ezekiel Clothing