The Tuesday 25 With Taylor Bingaman

Gap to crooked grind
Photo: Aaron Smith

1. Go-to-trick:

2. Warm up spot:
Any fun skatepark

3. Creature tour memory:
Too many, the usual van antics are pretty memorable.

4. Osiris teammate:
The whole squad

5. Thing to do when not skating:
Playing golf, hanging out with the girlfriend.

6. Video part of all time:
Any Cardiel or Grant part

7. Website (non-skate one):
Is Instagram a website?

8. Band all-time:
So hard to pick just one…Bad Brains

9. Guilty pleasure:

10. Fast food order:
Cheeseburger, no mayo.

11. Movie quote:
“Big Gulps eh? Alright. Well, see ya later.”

12. Skate photo:
Cardiel G-turn in front of the Tower Theater in Sac.

13. Things about riding for Brixton:
Good clothes, good people, good team

14. Way to spend your money:
Bills, food and savings

15. Thing you wish you could get for free:

16. Board graphic:
The new Wes Kremer/Kramer from Seinfeld is awesome.

17. Movie:
Dumb and Dumber

18. Current skate trend:
I feel like I need to join the energy drink sponsor trend.

19. Partner in crime:
My girlfriend or anyone who is down for the mission.

20. Book:
True Grit

21. Question to be asked at a demo:
Can I have…? Can I have…? Can I have….?

22. Beverage:

23. Favorite Skateboarder Cover:
Lance Mountain frontside invert the ladder

24. Current project:
Osiris vid, Creature Vid, X-Games real street part

25. Thing about skating fast:
It’s more fun and it makes certain things easier.

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