The Tuesday 25 with Walker Ryan

Walker Ryan’s Favorite:
1. Comedian
Eddie Murphy in the Delirious days. Not now.
2. College class
African American Prison Literature
3. SD Burrito spot
Super Bronco-Linda Vista
4. Local park
5. John Lupfer story
Anytime he gets gnarly on a skateboard
6. Fast food chain
7. Recent video part
Jaime PalmoreSk8mafia video
8. Song from a skate video
All my favorite songs end up being from skate videos. But maybe “The Harder they Come” by Jimmy Cliff
9. Thing to be asked at a demo
Can I have your shirt
10. Road trip destination
I wanna drive through the country, coast to coast.
11. Thing about your station wagon
200,000 miles baby. and she’s a hand-me-down from my deceased grandmother. RIP grandma!
12. Thing about moving into your own place
13. Comment you got after Zach and Walker’s Concrete Jungle hit shelves
I had my homie David have a guest trick, and everyone thought it was me skating switch. “That was the best trick in the part!” Hell ya David, good looks!
14. SD Locals
Too many, but i’m just gonna try an list because it’s pluralized. John Lupfer, Jamie Palmore, Nick Tucker, Tom Remillard, Tyler Surrey, Marius Syvanen, Ben Gilley, Jimmy Cao, Jimmy Carlin, Shuriken Shannon, Wes Kremer, Larelle Gray, Kellen James, Lenny Rivas, Kenny Hoyle, Mike Long, dude, there’s so many more. I love all the locals down here, some of the best skaters out there! Sorry if i forgot some homies.
15. non skate/ non porn website
Facebook sucks away many hours somehow
16. Flatground trick
Switch bs 180s
17. Ledge trick
Bs nosegrind
18. Expression you overuse
19. On campus skate spot
The secret spot they just built…
20. David Cole story
Going to Bangkok with him and watching the locals become horrified by his natural odors
21. Skater when you were growing up
Lavar McBride
22. Chany-ism
Anytime he talks is quotable
23. Memory from appearing in Little Children
Watching David Cole sneak off into the Staten Island projects, buy some weed, and then smoke it and offer it to the director on the set
24. Dog breed
I love dogs. Maybe golden retriever
25. Thing about skateboarding
Freedom and sense of self

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