The Tuesday 25 with Willy Akers

Wallie bluntslide
Photo: Brad Westcott

1. Warm up trick:

2. Video part to watch before you go skate:
Northwest Oregon Coast by Rick and Buddy!

3. Music:
Anything for the mood that I am in at the time. I love all musics.

4. Skatepark:

5. Skate spot:
Indoor Philly warehouse

6. 5Boro teammate:
It’s one big happy family from flow to pro.

7. Trip you’ve been on:
Four month bicycle trek through Spain, Italy, Austria, and the Czech Republic

8. Skate shoe:
Emerica Brandon Westgate. The better halfCab!

9. Board graphic of all time:
Dan Pensyls’ first pro board, “Go For Broke.”

10. Pro of all time:
Steve Fass

11. New pro:
Joe Tookmanian

12. Recent video:
The Internet killed the skate video! Pontus Alv’s In Search of the Miraculous

13. Movie:

14. TV Show:
TV sucks. Go skate.

15. Book:
“The Art of Getting Over.” ESPO rules!

16. Quote:

17. Thing to do when you’re not skating:
Toil in the garden. Grow your own!

18. Place to go in NYC:
Joe’s Pizza

19. Thing about Delaware:
Dogfish Head Brewery

20. Person to travel with:
Andrew Mclaughlin

21. Fellow beardsman:
My housemate, Uncle Dave

22. Skate trend:
Get a couple of friends together and hit the road!

23. Thing to hate on:

24. Photo:
Joe Brook’s SLAP cover October 2008. Brewce Martin lein to tail in the Punisher!

25. Thing about skateboarding:
Pure freedom

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