Thunder x Dylan Rieder x Hobo Wine Collab

Hobo Wine X Dylan Rieder from dlxsf on Vimeo.

Thunder Trucks has a little teaser about their upcoming collaboration with the Hobo Wine Company and Dylan Rieder. Longtime skateboarder Kenny Likitprakong and winemaker teamed up with the Deluxe brand for a signature wine for Dylan. Not a bad gig for either side.

From Deluxe: A little while back Jim read a newspaper article about a skateboarder in Healdsburg, CA by the name of Kenny Likitprakong that started his own wine company. I think at the time, we had been on somewhat of a wine kick, I remember going to tradeshows with Mic and Jim and drinking some fancy wines. So, we decided to reach out to Kenny, thinking, hell, we could at least maybe do a product trade with him for some free wine. Five years later, here we are, we’ve all become fast friends, we’ve turned a bunch of our friends both skaters and restauranteurs onto his wine, and now, we’ve been able to work with him on a special project with Thunder Trucks and Dylan Rieder.