Todd Francis & Sean Cliver Silk Screen Prints For Sale

So. Yeah, as you might know or not, last summer I was curating a few chunks of that huge skateboard art show in Paris called Public Domaine.

Among other things, I was in charge of a deck exhibit downstairs under the moniker Agents Provocateurs -an anthology of offensive/controversial/political/message-charged skateboard graphics from then (1990-ish) to now. So that could have been that.
But the venue in question bares a souvenirs-type of shop, and I thought it’d be cool to pick a few of the graphics exhibited and make super high-quality silk-screen prints of them, just a run of 100 prints for each. The two chosen ones ended up being the SeanCliver “Charles Manson Brown” done for 101 in 1993, and Todd Francis’ “Nature’s Revenge” deck for Julien Stranger out on Antihero.

To make sure this awesome art was going to be treated right, I really wanted to work with Anagraphis/Les Freres Lumineux, whose outstanding portfolio print work for legendary cartoonists (Robert Crumb, Gilbert Shelton etc) is mind-blowing, albeit of course not cheap at all. I really wanted that true atelier craft.

Prints were made, they looked great, a bunch sold at the show… But the leftover was pretty much promised to rot in the shop’s basement once it was over. It killed me to see it going to waste. So in broke-ass, yet super-hero-ish fashion, I went and salvaged the about 50 prints of each graphic left. The only thing I forgot is that I might not have at all the money for them, but fuck it, I bought them all back -scooped them up American Pickers-style, minus the profit. And now they’re available on Memory Screened!

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_Seb Carayol