Toy Machine Lurk-Fest Summer Tour

lurk-fest tourMay 31 – BC Park Meadows, Denver, CO

lurk-fest tourJune 2 – June 2-Escapist, Kansas City, MO

lurk-fest tourJune 4 – Subsect, Des Moines, IA

lurk-fest tourJune 6 – 3rd Lair, Minneapolis, MN

lurk-fest tourJune 8 – RQ Boardshop, Naperville, IL

lurk-fest tourJune 10 – 6th Ave Skateshop, Nashville, TN

lurk-fest tourJune 12 – Darkside Skates, Tulsa, OK

lurk-fest tourJune 13 – Darkside Skates, Austin, TX

*Call or visit the shop nearest you for more details!

The Tum Yeto, Inc family of brands is an industry leader in performance, quality and reliability since 1989. In addition to having one of the most intense programs for team riders and marketing, Tum Yeto is a full line manufacturer, nationwide distributor, wholesaler and exporter of high-end professional skateboarding products including hard goods, apparel and footwear. The company is run by skateboarders, for skateboarders and is a member of the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC).

Remember, “Go Skateboarding Day” June 21st.