Trailer for “10,000 Kilometers”

“10,000 Kilometers” is a skateboard documentary filmed on the
Trans-Siberian Railway and brought to you by Patrik Wallner. It documents
the two-month-long journey of around ten people who traveled from Moscow to
Hong Kong only by train and skateboarded the unique architecture of various
cities in Russia, Siberia, Mongolia, and China along the way. It is not just
a skateboarding film. “10,000 Kilometers” covers and documents all the
trip’s entertaining stories and adventures with detailed commentaries and

Besides the main feature, the DVD contains thirty minutes of bonus
material. The bonus features include short titles such as “Detour through
Laos”, which is a five minute documentary of a trip to Laos, with Kenny
Reed. And the rest of the bonus features include outtakes from the main
feature such as Cribs in Mongolia, a visit to the SMP skatepark (biggest in
the world), our segment on national Television in Siberia, and much more.

“10,000 Kilometers” features Michael Mackrodt, Dan Cates, Stas Provotorov,
Danny Hochman, Laurence Keefe, Dan Zvereff, Lesha Naimushin, Kenny Reed &
John Tanner. The Sponsors are Element and Cliché Skateboards.

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