Trevor Colden Wins Tampa Am

Brodie Penrod qualified first in the semis while Evan Smith and Shawn Hale were wooing and wowing the crowd and elsewhere Chet Childress got Ludacrooked and butt-ass naked, in the end (no pun intended) Mystery and Emerica newcomer Trevor Colden walked away with the W at Tampa Am this year.

Congrats to Trevor who we’ve already been seeing big things from in his short stint within the fickle focus of skateboarding limelight and we can rest assure we’ll continue seeing more from him. Thanks to Skatepark of Tampa and all the young livers that no doubtedly had to work overtime this weekend to keep the Ams functioning.

1. Trevor Colden
2. Luke Hampton
3. Evan Smith
4. Louie Lopez
5. Shawn Hale