Trials and Tribulations: Nyjah Huston

Watching any video part or highlight clip is always a bit misleading because you generally don’t see how many attempts/hospital visits went into landing a trick. Filmer Eric Lesar has set out to tell a bit of the truth behind the more impressive tricks he’s filmed. In his maiden episode of Trials and Tribulations he shows us a clip he filmed with Nyjah Huston at the infamous Carlsbad gap.

I got the call one day randomly that Nyjah was on his way to the Gap to try a trick and didn’t have a filmer. My heart didn’t skip a beat. I was out the door, at the spot, and set up. Within 10 minutes he was there and with no warm up starts hucking the nollie halfcab heel down the beast. Was only a matter of tries before stick after stick after stick turned into the make.”