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All right Terell, where did you grow up?
Compton. It could get kind of sketchy, everyone’s already heard the story of when I got shot. You know, it was some always have to look over your shoulder type shit, but I survived it.

What got you into skating out there?

Actually a friend of mine came by with a skateboard one day, I messed around with it. Then my grandma bought me a mongoose skateboard form JC Penny. It had a graphic of an orange and black big rat looking thing, it was crazy. But then just met of with some other kids I the area and started skating around, just kept rollin’ from there.

Where you living now?

I’m in Sherman Oaks, it’s kind of crazy cause I’m seeing all sorts of celebrities lately. Random dudes at Starbucks and shit.

Like who?

Yesterday I saw the dude from Malcom In The Middle at Starbucks. He was with his girlfriend. He was driving this shitty Lime Green VW Beetle, I hope it was his girlfriends. His head was big as fuck though, I couldn’t see nothin’ standing behind him in line.

That’s funny. So I noticed a most of your photos for this thing are at night, why is that?

I don’t know, I crawl at night! Just works better for hittin’ the spots lately, less busts.

I couldn’t tell if you were joking or not, but I remember once you said you wanted get a Kurt Cobain tat on one arm and a Jim Morrison tat on the other, are those still in the cards?

Oh shit! I don’t know about the tats, but I’m still a real big fan of their music. Music mellows me out, keeps me psyched.

What kind of music you listening to right now?
I seriously listen to everything. Call my phone and one time you might hear some Rigatone style music, and the next time you might hear Slayer, I’m all over the place. I don’t really care what other people think, I just play what I like.

Every time we’ve gone skating you freak out whenever you

see a trans-am or camaro. What’s going on there?

I’ve just always been into muscle cars, my uncle has a lot of ’em, He has like three 68 and 69 camaros, and some hatchback Nova’s. When I was growing up he would always be workin’ on them. He just put a 486 in one his camaro’s, so it’s pretty fast.

What would be the dream muscle car setup?

I would try and get a 67 Camaro SS, with a 350 engine on like 18s, smoke grey with blue rally stripes!

How much would something like that cost?

An arm and a leg. I’m saving up. It’s cool though because Jon Allie and Jamie Thomas are into those cars too. So once I get my shit running, I haven’t told Jamie we’re gonna race yet, but we’re gonna hit some tracks!

So you recently got on with Fallen shoes?

Yeah, I’m fuckin’ lovein’ it, dude!

How did that come about?

It was a shock. Jamie Thomas just called me up one day while I was on tour. Here’s this pro skater I look up to and he just calls me up and is like, “Yo I want to you to skate for me.” At the same time it was kind of a heart breaker to because I loved skating for Vans . But me and Johnny Layton talked about it, and Steve Luther at Vans was cool about it. So now I’m going to be getting on Fallen’s nerves getting the skate sessions rolling!

What’s it like skating with Chris Cole and those guys?

It motivates me to do crazier shit. Seeing Billy Marks or Chris Cole gets me psyched to try stuff I never even thought of, it’s the best.

Who are you usually skating with these days?

Well with the Holidays it was kind of hectic. This time of the year everything chills, everyone out of town and with family, So I’ve been skating by myself, shooting photos and filming. But the sessions will be starting up again.

You got any travel plans, or projects in the works?

Yeah, Jamie’s getting everyone started on working on the Fallen video so I’m pretty psyched on that. That’s what I’m focused on the most right now. Workin’ on the city skateboards video too. Other than just focused on getting my skating done, making it happen!

Terell Skates for: Fallen shoes, City Skateboards, Destructo Trucks, Project Hardware, Split Clothing, and 118 boardshop, Hubba Wheels.

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